Belette deGlace

A former diplomat with an eye for detail, Belette is always looking for a new way out of the box.


HP 36 AC 16 Str 10p. Spd 6 Fort 14 Con 14p. Init +8 Ref 17 Dex 16p. Will 14 Int 12p. Pass Insight 15 Wis 14p. Pass Percept 21 Cha 14p.

Deft Strikep. Piercing Strikep. Sword Burstp. Positioning Strikep. Nasty Backswingp. Easy Targetp. Fleeting Ghostp.

Parrying Dagger +1p. Hedge Wizard’s Gloves (Prestidigitation & Mage Hand)


Belette deGlace is the third son of a minor noble. He grew up in the city, at home in the cobblestone jungle. His family served the crown in a number of capacities, and it was only natural the Belette entered service as well.

Belette excels at observing without being observed observing. He therefore became a diplomat. Not the kind that does the negotiating, the kind that stands in the background holding things most of the time, and who is occasionally sent out for snacks and loses his way to the kitchen. He enjoyed his training and the exploits his job offered, but his career was short lived.

Belette was on a diplomatic mission that went horribly wrong.* His superiors decided that the interests of the state would be best served if everyone on the team dropped out of sight for a while. He was given a message to a far country and told to take some vacation time after delivering it, preferably somewhere dangerous and hard to find. Thus he began his career as an adventurer.

Belette deGlace

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