Belette and the Jungle of Doom

The Beginning
Just the Facts

Belette gets pickpocketed by a boy, the boy gets Belette’s dagger. We catch the boy. Boy says his mom is sick and he needs the dagger to pay for treatment. We catch the boy and he takes us to his mother. She is sick with a wasting disease. Her husband went off to find a magic bowl in the temple of the collosus.

Wife shows us a map. We copy it.

We spend the evening in town looking for rumors. We find out that the Collosus is a magical construct like a suit of armor, populated with souls that may not like each other, and that it magically regenerates due to some special item.

We start off the next day through the jungle road. We are ambushed by Drakes, velociraptor type dinosaurs. We fight them off with only Hume taking damage.

We follow the map off the road into the jungle. Kvothe scans for magic. Belette scans for previous trails.Knightsven leads us around monsters, and Hume just plods along.

We find a cave with an obelisk in front of it. The obelisk has an inscription which says, “When the sphere turns to the tower the temple will be released.” The cave is a natural cave with some worked features. There is little sign that it is visited frequently, but there are some animal and perhaps humanoid tracks visible. We enter the cave and Belette is attacked from above by some sort of strangle line.

We call it a night and everyone gets 300 xp for the session.

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